Welcome to the wonderful world of Machine Learning and Big Data!

I’m Timothy Fox, consultant, trainer, and enthusiast. I’m passionate about machine learning, and big data, and I happen to be so fortunate that I’m able to pursue my passions on a daily basis.

I’ve long been a fan of R and Python, which I’ve used in addition to my background in Java in solving challenging problems. Not having a stats of math background (other than that of an engineering student), I’ve come to learn how to use these tools to accomplish these tasks.

Four years ago, I discovered Hadoop, an amazing framework combining distributed data with distributed processing, neatly solving many of the most vexing problems that we learned about in university about distributed systems.

Hadoop isn’t going anywhere, but much has been built on top of that platform; so now Hadoop is more of a diverse ecosystem with many components. One of the most exciting is Spark, whose MLlib component has really excited me. Many of my blog posts in the near term are going to be about MLLib.

So that’s this blog, in a nutshell.